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Big data has become a cornerstone of modern business. For companies in the oil & gas or manufacturing industries, the ability to simultaneously monitor and analyse thousands of data points - and derive insights from them - has become crucial. Timeli was founded to meet this need. Their solution was to construct a next-generation data management platform which combined extensive data monitoring, automated analysis, and brilliant visualisation to relay data to the customer.


The Timeli team was a handpicked unit of experienced, high-calibre backend engineers specialising in big data technology. After building an exceptional backend tool, the team simply lacked the frontend coding ability to bring their customer-facing dashboards to life. First, they looked at building their own team from scratch. Realising it would be impossible with their tight deadlines, Timeli chose to outsource this pivotal frontend work to Tail Recursive. The final platform had to display data both concisely and attractively, all while keeping the application efficient and responsive. Every dashboard needed to be intuitive and easy to use, putting the customer’s most critical data right at their fingertips.  


The first step was defining how the dashboards should look, as well as the specific business needs to be addressed. With a conceptual plan firmly agreed, we set to the physical build. Since Timeli’s requirements were so complex, there were no off-the-shelf libraries we could use to build the dashboard. The Tail Recursive team therefore used the lower-level libraries in D3.js to build our own, custom components. We then used React.js to build the frontend library, since its substantial ecosystem of components and plugins allowed us to accelerate development and deliver ahead of schedule.


The resulting dashboard pulled data - manipulated and prepared in the backend - onto the dashboards, providing valuable, actionable insights direct to the customer. Customers can now use their data to troubleshoot problems or forecast events, and comprehend the results through our crystal-clear graphics. Prior to our involvement, Timeli’s backend was just too complex for potential investors to understand. Their new dashboard has therefore been a crucial tool in securing investor funding, helping interested parties understand the power of the platform and the potentially lucrative benefits of working with Timeli. The Timeli BDaaS platform — Big Data as a Service — delivers an industry defining approach to combining real-time operational applications and analytics. Where before this technology had been restricted by a lack of customer understanding, its full commercial value is now being realised. Thanks to the work by Tail Recursive, the floodgates have opened and Timeli is set to capture an army of new, delighted customers.

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