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It’s the most common security protocol in business: every few months, staff have to reset their passwords. Unfortunately this ‘simple’ process often leads to eye-popping frustration, locked-out employees, and tremendous stress for the IT support team. QuickPass, a Vancouver-based tech startup, were hell-bent on solving the problem. Their concept was a smartphone app which would alert users when their password was due to expire. Not only that, but with a couple smartphone ‘taps’ the password would be reset and the system updated. No more lockouts. No more support tickets. No more hassle.
The only problem? They needed someone to build it.


Conceptually, the QuickPass idea was simple enough: build a smartphone app to alert users to expiring passwords, verify their identity, and enable password creation. It would connect with the company network and instantly update within the system - all in under 60 seconds. The problem was timing. QuickPass set a deliberately aggressive time-to-market and were faced with a huge decision: hire and build a full-time engineering team, or collaborate with a 3rd party. Against the clock, it would be impossible to guarantee timely delivery while building a team from scratch. With our extensive experience in front-end and mobile app design, Tail Recursive had the personnel and expertise to deliver QuickPass’s idea in full.


We took a 3-pronged approach to building out our solution. First we constructed a .NET Windows Service Agent to interface with Active Directory. This was used to select and extract Windows users, and also listened for any changes in the Active Directory user base. We then designed a cloud-based service to handle essential operations, including sending expiry alerts, resetting passwords, and detecting new users added to Active Directory.Lastly we built the smartphone app itself. In addition to aesthetic design and the core operations, we implemented AI-powered facial recognition so that users could verify their ID and reset passwords remotely.


Version 1.0 of the platform was operational in 14 weeks, meeting the aggressive deadline set by QuickPass. A 3,000-user soft launch soon followed, during which our solution worked perfectly. The beta version of the app is available in both Google Play and Apple stores, while our API has been deployed on Google Cloud. QuickPass is now scaling its wider release, targeting hundreds of companies over the next six months. By working with Tail Recursive, QuickPass delivered their platform in record time. QuickPass also benefited from access to an interim CTO in Mateo Barraza, our founder. Both QuickPass and their early clients were delighted with the product, remarking on its exceptional efficiency and ease-of-use.

“We are extremely happy with the Tail Recursive team and the product that they helped us build.” - Jim Jessup, QuickPass CEO.


While Tail Recursive currently manages the platform and is developing the latest app release, QuickPass are already building out their in-house technical team. Once established, we will hand the reins over to them and step back from the project. Prior to our partnership, QuickPass was a technology company without a product. Today, they’re owners of an industry-leading solution and are on track for substantial growth in the coming years. We’re proud to have played our part.

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