Outgrowing the Competition: Jakroo’s Digital Transformation

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Jakroo is a custom sports apparel designer and manufacturer, operating across Europe, North America and Japan. As an online business, more and more of their customers in recent years had been turning to their smartphones for shopping. Unfortunately, since Jakroo’s platform was built using Flash, it had become outdated and largely unfit for purpose by 2018. On top of this, their user flows and lead-nurturing paths through the website were old and unsuited to their new business model. Despite their superb products, Jakroo was struggling to reel in new customers.It was time for a major overhaul.


While Jakroo was still producing best-in-class products for the sports apparel market, their platform was outdated and dragging them behind the competition. In brief, they needed to reinvent their entire online presence. The goal was to offer customers a slick website which followed a logical and intuitive order, as well as providing an immersive design experience unlike anything else on the market. Major tasks included:
• Designing a bespoke 3D design studio for customers to create custom apparel.
•   Building the site on more relevant user flows.
• Creating a system for customers to sell their own designs to friends and teammates.
The concept was a demanding one, and there was no off-the-shelf solution we could stick in place. Renovating Jakroo’s platform would be a custom job from top to bottom.


Stage one was intensive iteration: design mocks, brainstorming, technical discussions, and ongoing feedback from the Jakroo team. We established the user flows which would be the foundation of the platform, designed to onboard customers and guide them through to our bespoke customisation tool. In order to put Jakroo head-and-shoulders above the competition, we designed and built a 3D apparel design tool offering almost limitless creative freedom to customers. Users can now select any design, change the colours and patterns, add text with varied fonts, insert images and graphics - the list goes on. The new platform is built on ReactJS and we’ve optimised the smartphone app to provide an unrivalled user experience on mobile. In addition, we built ‘Team Stores’, a unique attraction where customers can design their own apparel and sell it to friends, family, and teammates, all on the Jakroo site. Since Jakroo owns its entire logistics pipeline, we even integrated the platform with Netsuite to facilitate simpler communication with their factories in China.


With its powerful new website and intuitive mobile app, Jakroo has unlocked a world of new customers. Their 3D apparel design studio is both smooth and easy-to-use, and offers customers a priceless customisation experience. With one eye on the future, we built Jakroo’s platform to support the integration of future performance-enhancing apps - several of which we are already developing.  Jakroo is a global brand with a best-in-class product. Now armed with a stunning and powerful online platform, they have everything they need to dominate their market.

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